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We manage, control in the interests of and consult our clients. At each stage of cooperation our experts approve the amount of services required and the scope of work to be completed, which we offer individually according to the specific requirements of the client

A project can be divided into four parts, each one of which includes a few obligatory procedures. We are ready to join the project at any of these stages.


Our Clients

Salaspils Sporta NamsRīgas DomeRIXSmiltenes Novada DomeValmieras Pilsētas PašvaldībaĪkšķīles Novada PašvaldībaRīgas ŪdensSpilvaKronusRīgas Tehniskā UniversitāteLiepājas Reģionālā SlimnīcaRīgas NamiAkropolisAviation Cargo Transit Services, Ltd.Salaspils novada domeIeslodzījuma vietu pārvaldeLatvijas vides ģeoloģijas un meteoroloģijas centrs

Būvuzraugi LV offers a wide spectrum of consulting services. That's why we are so often chosen to work closely with clients, because we understand their goals, and can help them define an optimal solution and draw up a precise plan of action to follow


  • Working out the concept of the investment project;
  • Engineering research for the project;
  • Development of the technical design assignment;
  • Managing the competitive tendering process, analysing the results and picking the best offers;
  • Consultancy and supervision of the process of drawing up the project design agreement;
  • Supervision of the project design process (control of abidance by the clients' interests);
  • Expert evaluation of the project to ensure accordance with the client’s goals and with the laws of the Republic of Latvia;
  • Approval of the project by all the necessary authorities.


  • Preparation of the terms of the construction tender;
  • Management of the construction work tender;
  • Analysis of the offers and selection of those that are best;
  • Agreement of the terms of the construction works agreement;
  • Receipt of the construction permit.


  • Control to ensure accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia;
  • Quality control of the construction to ensure abidance by best practices and technology;
  • Control of accordance with the technical project;
  • Control of the construction materials and equipment quality and usage;
  • Project finance control (checking measurements, fixing the work completed);
  • Control of drawing up report documentation;
  • Control to ensure abidance by the on-the-job safety rules and fire safety on the site;
  • Quality control of pre-comissioning activities;
  • Commissioning.


  • Expert evaluation of the project design's accordance with the technical assignment given by the client;
  • Expert evaluation of the project documentation's accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia;
  • Expert evaluation of the cost estimate documentation;
  • Expert evaluation of the condition of the property before purchase;
  • Property's condition evaluation on the stage of construction.