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Wide spectrum of services offered

For the project, we provide all of our construction expertise, technical evaluation of buildings and constructions, quality construction control, cost expert evaluation, auditing and other services

We work in clients’ interests

We present clients with the results of our work on each stage of the project, closely following their recommendations and acting in their interests.

Flawless quality

Our clients appreciate competence of Būvuzraugi LV construction engineers. We offer them high qualification and vast knowledge of our employees and considerable experience.

Transparent pricing policy

We have an extremely transparent pricing policy, and so clients will always know exactly what they’re paying for. Our clients very much appreciate our competitively priced services

High responsibility level

We understand the responsibility we carry with our each decision or advice, and do our best to justify the trust our clients put in us. Būvuzraugi LV’s legal liability is insured for 1 000 000 EUR.

Latest testing equipment

Our engineers use the latest state-of-the-art equipment to check measurements, which allows lab-accurate express-quality tests to take place right on the construction site

One significant advantage that Būvuzraugi LV has is the diversity of its experts. Whether you’re restoring a historical building or working on a complex municipal project, this company will be able to offer their intellectual resources to solve any problem in a professional way

Rīgas Būvvalde

While working on the development of the infrastructure of Riga Airport, we really came to appreciate the high level of skill of Būvuzraugi LV’s team of engineers


The most important thing for clients is to be able to trust the construction quality control team. Cooperation with Būvuzraugi LV ensures great results at each stage of the construction project


Some of the important qualities that Būvuzraugi LV’s engineers display are their meticulous attention to their work, in-depth knowledge of their fields and their readiness to take on the most difficult tasks


We’ve completed more than one project with Būvuzraugi LV, and we completely rely on and trust their expert opinion


Būtiska Būvuzraugi LV priekšrocība ir uzņēmuma speciālistu daudzpusība. Vēsturiska nama restaurācija vai sarežģīts pašvaldības objekts – šim uzņēmumam ir intelektuālie resursi jebkura uzdevuma profesionālai paveikšanai

A. Edmunds

Būvuzraugi LV inženieriem piemīt vairākas svarīgas īpašības – pedantiskums darbā, perfekta sava lauka pārzināšana un gatavība ķerties pie vissarežģītākajiem uzdevumiem

A. Aleksejevs

Our Clients

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